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Technical FAQ

  • Why do I see grey bands of blocks on my playback picture?

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  • Why do I get a blank playback picture on my camcorder?

  • What's wrong? I just received my camcorder back from repair and it shows Error Dew!

  • Why does my camcorder have a black picture (or a strange vertical streaks) on Camera mode?

  • Why is the quality of my photos poor?

  • Why do people in my photos all have red eyes?

  • Why do I get white circles on some photos taken using the Flash?

  • Why is my battery life poor with alkaline batteries?

  • Why won't the flash work on my digital camera?

  • Why are the pictures I take out of focus on my digital camera?

  • Why are my pictures dark even when I use Flash?

  • Why does the battery go flat if I leave my camera un-used for long periods?

  • Why won't some of my pictures display on my digital camera?

  • Why won't some SD Cards work in my camera?

  • Why are some of my picture misty or hazy?

  • My memory card is locked. How do I unlock it?

  • I have dark spots or marks that come out on my pictures

  • My Panasonic Camera does not see the SD Card

  • Why do I have a Shadow when using Flash?

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