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Camera products in the UK have a standard 12 month warranty. For a warranty repair you will be asked to provide a copy of your purchase receipt.

Panasonic’s warranty will only cover products with CE marking on the serial number plate.

The following types of damage will void the manufacturer’s guarantee:

  • Cracked LCD screens
  • Liquid spillage
  • Sand ingress
  • Physical Damage

We specialise in Cameras, TV Equipment, and Audio Equipment, we will attempt to faciliate all other types of repair, but this may not always be possible

For a list of Camera Manufacturers we deal with look here
For a list of TV Manufacturers we deal with look here
For headphones and audio equipment we repair the following manufacturers
For all other gadgets please inquire on our contact us page

Unfortunately we no longer repair Samsung Cameras or Camcorders.

For a small inspection fee, you can send your product to us and we will examine it carefully and provide you with a written Estimate Report. If you then choose to proceed with the repair then this charge is deducted from the final bill.

We repair all manner of electronics, if it’s made by any of the Manufacturers we have publicly on our website such as Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips, Canon and more, and made in the last 5-10 years we will make every effort to repair your device. Outside of this time-frame, or these manufacturers, parts may not always be available.

We cannot estimate the cost of a repair until one of our expert engineers looks at the device, for all except TVs this will need to be done in our workshop.

The camera would need to be thoroughly inspected both internally and externally before a fair estimation of the cost to repair the camera can be established. Once repair charges have been estimated they would be detailed to you by email.

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