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We are experts at Servicing Canon Cameras, our talented engineers, can repair your Canon RF-Mount and EF-Mount Cameras, as well as your EOS-M compact vlogging cameras. Everything from the brand new R3, R5, and R6 to the ever popular EOS-1D X and EOS 5D IV.

Using only genuine Canon parts we are the go to both for professionals and high street shops.

As a Canon Partner Service Centre you can guarantee, we know what we’re doing. We’re so certain of it that all our repairs are backed by a 3 month guarantee!

If your camera cannot be repaired by our in-house experts we will send it to Canon UK for repair.

Our Canon Repair Services

We can repair both Canon Camera and Lenses under warranty or out of warranty as chargeable repairs. Whether your camera is in warranty or not, your equipment is in safe hands with us.

Our team of expert engineers are here to help you get your camera or lens back as quickly as possible.

Broken Screen ↗

Broken Screen? The LCD on your camera is an essential part, but they can be damaged or scratched, or even come loose, losing connection with the camear. We can fix that, using only genuine Canon Parts we can replace the LCD on your camera.

Sensor Damage↗

Dropped your Camera? The Sensors in EOS R cameras feature an advaneced image stabilistation systems, these can be knocked out of alignment if the camera receives an impact. Our engineers can estimate the work required to right this

Damaged Ports ↗

HDMI or USB Port Faulty? The ports on your Canon EOS Camera are very sensitive to dust and sand ingress which can cause damage to the pins inside the ports on your camera, such as the HDMI, or USB port. We can professionally clean and replace parts on your camera, with original parts, of course.


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  • All repairs are subject to availability of spare parts

Frequently Asked Canon Questions

Do you repair Canon Cameras under warranty?
Yes we can service and repair Canon EOS cameras under warranty. Please provide a receipt or proof of purchase with the camera and the warranty card if you have bought an additional warranty.

How long is the Canon Camera Warranty?
Canon warranty their cameras for one year. Additional warranties of 1, 2, or 3 years can be purchased, if you have additional warranty please send copies of both the receipt and warranty card.

Can you repair Canon Cinema cameras?
Although we repair many Canon professional cameras used for video production, we do not repair Canon Cinema or Broadcast cameras.

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