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Customer FAQ

  • Can you send me a quotation for cost of repair?

  • Will my repair be covered by the manufacturers warranty?

  • How long will it take for my repair to be complete?

  • In Home Repairs: Do you have to take my TV away?

  • In Home Repairs: Will I receive a loan set (replacement) whilst my unit is being repaired?

  • In Home Repairs. How do you know the part I require without inspecting my product?

  • Can you give me a quote for the repair of my camera before it has been inspected by an engineer?

  • How long is the warranty valid for on my Samsung still digital camera?

  • Where can I download software for my Samsung camera?

    Please visit:
    (the ''/uk'' is important because if you go to ''.com'' you will not be able to download software compatible with digital cameras purchased in the UK).

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Warranty Chargeable


Need help? 

Last updated: Oct 16 18:03:39 2017