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Where can I download software for my Samsung camera?

Please visit:
(the ''/uk'' is important because if you go to ''.com'' you will not be able to download software compatible with digital cameras purchased in the UK).

How long is the warranty valid for on my Samsung still digital camera?

Samsung still digital cameras purchased from the 1 May 2009, are covered by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.


Can you give me a quote for the repair of my camera before it has been inspected by an engineer?

The camera would need to be thoroughly inspected both internally and externally before a fair estimation of the cost to repair the camera can be established. Once repair charges have been estimated they would be detailed to you in a letter or by email.

Need help? 

Last updated: Mar 20 09:05:36 2018

My memory card is locked. How do I unlock it?

With the writing on the memory card facing you, the switch will be on your left-hand side, move it
upwards and this will unlock your memory card. However If this does not resolve the problem we would recommend sending the camera to us to be examined.

Why do I have a Shadow when using Flash?

Many cameras with built in flash will be affected by 'Lens Shadows' Even expensive DSLR cameras can suffer from Lens shadows when using the built in flash.

The nearer that the flash lamp is positioned to the lens and the larger the size of the lens then the more pronounced the problem will be. The position of the shadow will also vary depending on the location of the flash lamp in relation to the lens.

This is not a fault and cannot be rectified.


Lens Shadow

My Panasonic Camera does not see the SD Card

Some Panasonic cameras have a 'Clipboard' function. If clipboard is selected on the top function dial then the camera will only work on internal memory. The SD Card will not be accessable.