Non-CE Cameras

Panasonic UK policy regarding grey imported camera product. (Non-CE)
Only CE marked product is eligible for Panasonic warranty in the UK except in cases where a camera is purchased abroad and is sold with a valid Limited Worldwide Warranty Certificate.
Some internet dealers source product from outside the EU where VAT and import duties are lower.
These products when sold to UK buyers are considered to be grey imports. They were not supplied by Panasonic UK and will not be covered by them for warranty.
Some countries outside the EU have agreements with the UK (such as Australia). These countries provide the customer with a Limited Worldwide Warranty certificate, these products will be covered in the UK by agreement.

If your camera is Non-CE and you do not have a Limited Worldwide Warranty Card you can:

  • Contact your selling dealer for a warranty repair / replacement
  • You can request a repair by DKAVS on a chargeable basis.
Please feel free to contact Panasonic directly regarding this policy.
Example of CE-ApprovedExamples of Non-CE-Approved
CE-Approved Sample 1Non-CE-Approved Sample 1
CE-Approved Sample 2Non-CE-Approved Sample 2
CE-Approved Sample 3Non-CE-Approved Sample 3